My name is Carolyn Haines and I am a teacher, a chirographer, an avid reader, a technophile, a photographer, and a board game lover.

In thinking about what to tell you about me, all I had to do was look at my desk. On my desk, in no particular order, are:

  • a cup full of Mr. Sketch markers
  • a fountain pen and a bottle of ink
  • my iPad with a YouTube video cued up
  • a globe
  • a cup of various types of dice
  • copies of White Fang, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Hatchet,  and Words Their Way
  • a big pile of teacher activity books
  • a vintage twin lens reflex camera that I affectionately call "Carl."
  • the detritus of a QR code math game
  • my beloved bullet journal


After years of teaching adults and skirting my way around the elementary school classroom, I'm finally working on getting my multiple subject teaching credential. I have been a substitute teacher at my local public elementary school for two years. This year I have also been teaching a small middle school homeschool co-op. Before that I spent countless hours as a parent volunteer in the classrooms of my children. And before that I ran a dialysis training school and taught in the classroom for many years. I LOVE teaching. I love teaching little kids, I love teaching big kids, I love teaching "grown ups". I find joy in helping others learn about our world.




Ok, ok. What the heck is a chirographer, you ask? Well, it's simply someone who appreciates the handwritten word. Pen on paper. My hope is that people will keep picking up pens and writing love letters, thank you cards, and diatribes to their congressman. But I also want all the gifts that digital communication offers as well. So go out and buy a fountain pen and write a letter. Then come home and bask in the email full of happy news and baby pictures you just got from an old friend. Just like I do.



Books. Oh, books. I love books. When my kids ask me to buy them a book I can't possibly say no. Books are magical transporters to other worlds. Books help you grow and learn. Books help you explore and identify with others. Books help you escape at the end of a long week. A few of my favorite books include Memoirs of a Geisha, Cryptonomicon, The Circus Ship, Airframe, Cuckoo's Calling, Ender's Game, The Killing Floor, and Jamberry.



In 2010 I converted to a paperless classroom and in 2011 I wrote and produced a textbook entirely for iPad. I think technology is amazing. I think the things that we are able to do and ways we are connecting with others is astonishing. Integration of technology in the classroom is vital for our kids. Research, presentation, and collaboration are all possible in amazing new ways with the digital tools we now have at our fingertips.



A photograph has amazing power. It can transport you to another place and time. It can show you things in an entirely new way. It helps you to empathize with others and transform your world. When you view a photograph, you see through another's eyes. When you view my photographs, you know who I am.


Board Game Lover

You don't really know someone until you've played a game with them. I love all kinds of games, but most especially board games. Some of my favorites are Ticket to Ride, Sequence, Sushi-Go! and Clue.