Caprese Chicken Sandwich

Caprese Chicken Sandwich


The days are getting shorter. The kids are back in school. And my tomato plants are overflowing with ripe tomatoes. It must be the end of summer.


There are lots of tasty ways to use fresh tomatoes, but one of my all-time favorite ways it making a Caprese salad. Classical Caprese salad consists of ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzerella, basil, and olive oil (with a bit of salt and pepper, of course).


Taking those flavors and making it a hearty sandwich was easy. Instead of fresh basil leaves I make a quick pesto sauce to spread on grocery store ciabatta rolls. I used some leftover sliced grilled chicken breast and layered it with sliced tomatoes and mozzerella.


  • pesto sauce (fresh or store bought)
  • ripe tomatoes, sliced
  • mozzerella cheese
  • sliced chicken breast
  • ciabatta roll

Assemble the Sandwich

Started by slicing the ciabatta and spreading generously with pesto sauce. Add tomatoes, sliced chicken, and mozzerella. Toast sandwich, open-faced in oven or toaster oven for 2-3 minutes, if desired.